ROCA LLISA is an urban entity cooperating with the municipality of Santa Eulalia. An annual General Assembly of property owners of the Urbanization (held August) decides important matters such as the budget and the election of a committee in charge of the execution of the decisions, carried out by the General Assembly.


The committee is composed of 11 members – all owners, with the exception of one, the representative of the municipality of Sta. Eulalia. Amongst these members are elected: the President, the Vice-President, the Secretary and 8 members of the board.


The committee is elected for a period of 2 years and it’s assisted by a surveyor that approves all building programs within the urbanization. This approval is essential in order to obtain a building license which has to be signed by the municipality. This allows control over the quality of building. Separate to the General Community of ROCA LLISA are a series of smaller communities, each with its own President and based on the division of the groups of apartments/houses.


These communities besides being responsible for the implementation of the decisions of the General Assembly decide how to administer best their own budget, which is separate from the rest of the urbanization. These communities are integrated into the general organization of the urbanization, reducing their working costs (ex. no need to employ 2 managers or 2 secretaries.)